Naples Concierge Medicine Physician access 24/7 for all medical concerns

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  • Physician access 24/7 for all medical concerns.

    (cell phone, email, text messaging)

  • Same day/next day appointment.

  • Home visit when necessary.

  • Annual physical examination.

  • Little or no waiting time in office.

  • Telemedicine.

    (Video consultation as needed)

  • Extended office hours and weekend appointments as needed.

Accepting New Patients
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A Wellness Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle

Through the concierge model we are able to provide comprehensive care management for our patients. This may include developing a preventative care plan, dealing with acute healthcare concerns as they arise and coordinating care from specialists. As your primary care provider, we help patients navigate all their healthcare decisions.

Dr. Tameca Bakker MD, MBA

Dr. Tameca Bakker is Board certified in Internal medicine and has extensive clinical experience. For the past several years, she has been a hospitalist at Health Park Medical Center in Fort Myers and recently has transitioned into private practice to facilitate a better patient-doctor relationship. She believes thoroughly getting to know her patients is the key to successful treatment and good health.

Dr. Tameca Bakker MD

  • Kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. Excellent physician .

    Rolynn S Avatar
    Rolynn S

    Dr. Bakker is just a fabulous Dr. Having spent years trying to make progress on my health with traditional... read more

    Timothy Eiszner Avatar
    Timothy Eiszner

    Dr. Bakker is amazing, talented, and truly compassionate. She was able to find the right treatment and medications for my... read more

    Rochelle Jackson Avatar
    Rochelle Jackson
  • Dr. Bakker is amazing, knowledgeable and most of all truly compassionate. She cared for my sister when several prior physicians... read more

    R. Jackson

    Dr Bakker is such a warm and wonderful person she knows how to communicate with u take the time to... read more

    Camille Lawrence Avatar
    Camille Lawrence

    Dr. Tameca Bakker is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely... read more

    Frederick Brown