Naples Direct Primary Care Plans include the following services.

For Ages 18 and over.

Naples Primary Care 3

Glodene Roberts, APRN

Glodene received her Masters of Science degree in Nursing in 2017. She provided care in acute and post-acute settings for several years. She enjoys primary care as a skilled and caring Nurse Practitioner

  • Physician or APRN access for all medical concerns.

    (Email and text messaging included)

  • Annual physical examination by physician.

    (Annual visits are with the Physician.)

  • Preventive care.

  • Same day/next day appointment.

  • No extended waiting room time.

  • Telemedicine.

    (Video consultation as needed)

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan, including prescriptions.

  • No added cost for medication dispensed in office.

  • Discounted lab tests and imaging studies.

How to sign up

Please call our office to schedule an appointment to meet and greet with Dr. Bakker or Glodene Roberts, Nurse Practitioner.

. You may also register online and someone from our office will contact you to schedule an appointment.


Our plan cost is $100/month per
participant plus an additional one-time
enrollment fee.

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