Are you looking to reduce your health insurance costs & reduce employee down time?

Naples Small Business Health Care Plans include the following services.

For Ages 18 and over.

Small Business Direct Primary Care



  • Physician or APRN access for all medical concerns.

    (Email and text messaging included)

  • Annual physical examination by physician.

    (Annual visits are with the Physician.)

  • Preventive care.

  • Same day/next day appointment.

  • No extended waiting room time.

  • Telemedicine.

    (Video consultation as needed)

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan, including prescriptions.

  • No added cost for medication dispensed in office.

  • Discounted lab tests and imaging studies.

Small Business Health Plans for $100 per month

Reduce your Health Insurance Costs.

Reduce Employee Down Time.

Switching to a private concierge medical service for your employees’ day to day needs, saves cost on your business health insurance premiums while providing superior medical care. We offer custom tailored health care plans to meet your growing small business’ needs and maintain optimum employee health. Our plan cost is $100/month per employee plus an additional one-time enrollment fee.

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What is Naples Concierge Medicine?

Naples Concierge Medicine is a subdivision of True Compassionate Care Concierge Medicine. Naples Concierge Medicine is operated as a Direct Primary Care, providing several medical services directly by the Nurse Practitioner for all follow-up care. Annual visits are with the Physician.
Our goal is to help you obtain and maintain your best health.