Top 8 reasons to choose True Compassionate Care for your healthcare needs

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine is a return to the time when there was a true doctor/patient relationship; when doctors were able to spend more time with their patients. Concierge physicians limit the number of patients in their practices giving each patient the time needed to discover what is out of balance and develop a plan for better health. Concierge physicians charge a monthly or annual membership fee.

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Top 8 reasons to choose True Compassionate Care for your healthcare needs

1. You won’t have to sit in the waiting room wondering when the doctor will finally see you.
2. You can see your doctor the same day or the next day, as needed. You won’t hear, “we have an appointment for you two weeks from now”.
3. You will have plenty of time with your doctor to discuss your health concerns. Your doctor will be engaged in the conversation and not distracted.
4. If you are too sick to leave your home, your doctor will come to you (up to 4 times per year) or do a virtual visit for no extra charge.
5. If you have questions/concerns about your health, you can call your doctor directly. Yes, you will have her cell number. Dr. Bakker is available to you 24/7. You will also have her e-mail for less urgent matters.
6. Your nurse, JoAnne, will coordinate all your appointments for labs, x-rays, EKGs and specialist appointments. You will give her your availability for an appointment and she will get it scheduled, send needed prescriptions and give you your pre-test instructions. All you will need to do is arrive for your appointment.
7. With the care and service from True Compassionate Care, you will truly feel as if you are Dr. Bakker’s only patient.
8. **You will be proud to say, “Dr. Tameca Bakker is MY doctor and JoAnne is MY nurse.”

Your Personalized Concierge Medicine Plan

Now Accepting New Patients

  • Physician access 24/7 for all medical concerns.

    (cell phone, email, text messaging)

  • Same day/next day appointment.

  • Home visit when necessary.

  • Annual physical examination.

  • Little or no waiting time in office.

  • Telemedicine.

    (Video consultation as needed)

  • Extended office hours and weekend appointments as needed.

Accepting New Patients
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