Your Wellness Plan

Preventative Care

I will work with you to develop a preventative care plan that fits your needs. This may include nutrition, exercise and chronic care management. My intent is to get you healthy and help you to stay that way.

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Healthcare Management

Through the concierge model we are able to provide comprehensive care management for our patients. This may include developing a preventative care plan, dealing with acute healthcare concerns as they arise and coordinating care from specialists. As your primary care provider, we help patients navigate all their healthcare decisions.

Nutritional Education

A core benefit of healthy eating leads to a healthier life.  Benefits include maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, blood pressure and boosting your immune system.  What you eat also impacts your energy levels and endurance.

We go over healthy nutritional practices to include dinning out, heart healthy holiday choices and good home cooked meals for every family member.

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Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to medicine encompasses the body, mind, soul and emotion in a quest for optimal health and wellness. Dr Bakker emphasizes the need for a proper balance in life. An imbalance can negatively affect your overall health.

  • 5-10 -minute in office relaxation/meditation session (optional).
  • Psychology affiliation and referral as needed.

Your Personalized Concierge Medicine Plan

Now Accepting New Patients

  • Physician access 24/7 for all medical concerns.

    (cell phone, email, text messaging)

  • Same day/next day appointment.

  • Home visit when necessary.

  • Annual physical examination.

  • Little or no waiting time in office.

  • Telemedicine.

    (Video consultation as needed)

  • Extended office hours and weekend appointments as needed.

Accepting New Patients
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